Best Women’s Base Layer Bottoms For Hiking

Women's Base Layer Bottoms

The garment formerly known as long underwear, these wool, silk, or capilene leggings are key for winter excursions. When temperatures plummet, our incredibly smart circulatory system makes sure our vital organs stay warm first, leaving our extremities out in the cold (couldn’t resist). So if we keep our arms and legs, hands and feet warm … [Read More]

Best Women’s Base Layer Tops For Hiking

Women’s Base Layer Tops For Hiking

Without a good baselayer, the rest of your layering system will fail. So what should you look for in a base layer? What fabrics, fit, and features are and aren’t recommended? Let’s find out… Fit After your sports bra, this is the layer that will be right next to your skin. It should fit snug … [Read More]