Third Time Divine: Koma Kulshan

Climbing Mount Baker Washington

With a vivid blue sky overhead and a solid strong earth beneath my boots, I moved easily, my senses swam in rhythmic monotony as I picked my way gradually to the crater rim of the volcano I found myself on for the third time in the past ten years. I felt so much misgiving toward … [Read More]

Home Away From Home: Camp Muir, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Camp Muir Mount Rainier

10,188 feet above sea level on the south flank of Mount Rainier lies Camp Muir: a cluster of small huts nestled into the saddle between the Gibraltar Ledges and the Beehive, above Anvil Rock and below Cadaver Gap. It’s the highest you can go on the mountain without a climbing permit, and one of the … [Read More]

The Gateway Hike: Granite Mountain, Washington

Granite Mountain Hiking In The Snow

Granite Mountain is best known for three things: a decommissioned yet still super cool fire lookout tower, sweeping views, and remarkably high avalanche danger. It’s a beautiful mountain, especially once you get above about 4000 feet and the terrain shifts to a nearly-alpine fantasyland of little tarns, ice cold waterfalls, and stepping stones crossing mossy … [Read More]

Yes, It’s Really Called That: PooPoo Point, Issaquah, Washington

Poo Poo Point, Issaquah, Washington

I can’t say this was my first hike, like many western Washington hikers can, because I spent some time in my youth trekking around Yosemite, Sequoia, Hawaii, and the Angeles Crest Forest, and when I moved to Washington from California, I was taken to the usual Rattlesnake Ledge and Snow Lake sorts of places as … [Read More]