Lake Ingalls, Washington

Hiking To Lake Ingalls, Washington

Nestled deep in the Teanaway River Valley is a brilliant royal blue lake in a granite basin featuring Mt. Stuart as its backdrop and ample opportunities for scrambling, rock climbing, and goat-watching around its perimeter. At just a few hundred feet across, it’s not a big lake size-wise, but it packs a wallop of a … [Read More]

Granite Mountain, Washington

Granite Mountain Hiking In The Snow

Granite Mountain is best known for three things: a decommissioned yet still super cool fire lookout tower, sweeping views, and remarkably high avalanche danger. It’s a beautiful mountain, especially once you get above about 4000 feet and the terrain shifts to a nearly-alpine fantasyland of little tarns, ice cold waterfalls, and stepping stones crossing mossy … [Read More]