Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs

I find it impossible to talk about this magical little enclave and not use the words “hidden gem.” Located just 50 miles from Seattle but light years away from city life, Goldmyer Hot Springs is one of western Washington’s best kept secrets, likely due to a strict reservation system and a very rough road and … [Read More]

Hiking Mailbox Peak In The Winter

Hiking Mailbox Peak, Washington

With low avalanche danger, enough foot traffic to pack down an obvious trail, easy access via a paved road not far out of town, and parking near sea level, Mailbox Peak has quickly become one of western Washington’s favorite winter hikes. There’s a segment of the hiking population that will generally stay away from snow, … [Read More]

Climbing The Haystack On Mount Si

Climbing The Mount Si Haystack

Slippery slope here, no pun intended, as we talk about the Haystack, because that nubbin on top of Mount Si crosses the line from hike to climb. It’s a Class 3 with exposure, and falls have resulted in numerous deaths. It’s a don’t-look-down, three points of contact, mildly dizzying 150 feet or so that starts … [Read More]

Hiking Little Si, North Bend, Washington

Hiking Little Si Washington

Mount Si‘s tiny next door neighbor has a lot to offer: from kid-friendly and beginner trails to bolted climbing walls and a scramble route, Little Si is definitely more than meets the eye. Sitting on the west side of North Bend’s famous Mount Si, Little Si is a great option for people who aren’t ready … [Read More]

Hiking Mailbox Peak (New Trail)


Its tagline should be: Great if you have bad knees, terrible if you have a short attention span. There are two ways up this beast of a mountain: the rugged, brutal, masochistic Old Trail or the gently graded, slowly switchbacking, lush and lovely New Trail. You know those siblings that look a lot alike but … [Read More]