Glacier Glasses Basics

Glacier Glasses

Or at the very least, polarized and UV-protection sunglasses, but for the love of God please take care of your corneas when hiking on snow. If you haven’t heard stories about snowblindness yet, stick around. They are horrifying and made me rush out and buy my first pair of Julbo Sherpas. Functionality: You Need To … [Read More]

Women’s Backpack Basics

Women's Backpack Basics

Choosing a backpack that fits both your needs and your body is an endeavor similar to finding the right pair of boots. It can feel just as overwhelming, and it’s just as important that you do your research and try on a bunch before buying. A backpack isn’t simply something you carry your stuff in, … [Read More]

Women’s Hiking Boot Basics

Women's Hiking Boots

Boots are a critical piece of gear for a hiker. You can hate your pants, get by with cheap poles, or forget your hat, and still have a perfectly fine hike. But as anyone who has ever had blisters, hot spots, soaking wet feet, frozen toes, or a heel that slips and rubs the skin … [Read More]