Best Women’s Day Hiking Boots

Women's Day Hiking Boots

Like trail runners, a basic day-hiking boot can be used for anything from a couple miles on mild inclines to long days with steep scree and minor scrambling, but the key thing that separates them from trail runners is the ankle support. Your day-hiking boot prevents any sideways movement and helps you stabilize on uneven … [Read More]

Best Women’s Backpacking Boots For Hikers

Backpacking Boots For Women Hiking

For when you need to step it up a notch, a backpacking boot offers a more protective upper and a slightly chunkier sole that can withstand long days, high miles, and heavy weight, while enduring multiple changes in terrain and weather. That through hike of the PCT, CDT, or AT? A weekend of 40 miles … [Read More]

Best Women’s Mountaineering Boots for Hikers

Mountaineering Boots For Women

Glaciers, anyone? Snow? Crampons? These are the boots that you would take up Rainier and Aconcagua and Denali. They aren’t going to be bunny-slipper comfortable no matter what, just because of the rigid sole—a sole so inflexible that they have made more than one person do a quick Frankenstein impression on the side of a … [Read More]

Women’s Hiking Boot Basics

Women's Hiking Boots

Boots are a critical piece of gear for a hiker. You can hate your pants, get by with cheap poles, or forget your hat, and still have a perfectly fine hike. But as anyone who has ever had blisters, hot spots, soaking wet feet, frozen toes, or a heel that slips and rubs the skin … [Read More]