Best Women’s Multiday Backpacks For Hikers

Multiday Backpacks For Women

Multiday packs are 50-80 liter backpacks made for extended treks or winter travel. They will have the same features of the overnight pack (gear loops, internal frame, numerous storage pockets of varying sizes) but with a bigger main compartment and larger hydration reservoir, and even more luxurious padding. The hipbelt on my Osprey 75L was … [Read More]

Best Women’s Overnight Packs For Hikers

Overnight Packs For Women

Take the day pack and beef it up a bit with more padding, more support, thicker fabrics, and often a separate compartment for your sleeping bag in the bottom of the pack, and there you have the Overnight Pack, sometimes referred to as a weekend pack. Most of the packs of this size have plenty … [Read More]

Best Women’s Hydration Packs and Vests For Hikers

Women's Hydration Vests For Hiking

For short trots, local/urban adventures, or ultralight hikers that are experienced in the wilderness and have pared their backpack down to bare-bones minimum, a hydration pack or vest might be the way to go. Both options will allow you to carry a couple liters of water and your small essentials, and some even have a … [Read More]

Best Women’s Day Packs For Hikers

Day Packs For Women

When it comes to backpacks, a day pack is my go-to when my UL pack or hydration vest just isn’t quite enough, and my overnight backpack is too much. A good day pack will typically have a 2 liter hydration reservoir and will always have plenty of nooks and crannies to organize snacks, first aid … [Read More]

Women’s Backpack Basics

Women's Backpack Basics

Choosing a backpack that fits both your needs and your body is an endeavor similar to finding the right pair of boots. It can feel just as overwhelming, and it’s just as important that you do your research and try on a bunch before buying. A backpack isn’t simply something you carry your stuff in, … [Read More]