Gender Bias In The Hiking Community

Assumptions And Gender Bias

“Whoa, check out that dude!” “That’s my girlfriend.” I had just climbed my first of the Cascade volcanoes, Mt. St. Helens. I was with my boyfriend, who isn’t much of a hiker but he’s a skier and a good sport and I had scored a permit that happened to fall on his birthday, so he … [Read More]

Finding Hiking Partners

Finding Hiking Partners

This is one of those areas where you’re going to need to summons that age-old women’s intuition thing. This isn’t the part where I go all man-hating feminist and talk about how we need to stick together and stay away from the dudes, but it is the part where I talk about how many smarmy … [Read More]

Gender-Specific Issues For Women Hikers

Gender Specific Issues For Women Hikers

Someone out there just saw this page and is thinking, “Hiking is pretty gender-neutral. Why do we need a resource just for women?” I can guarantee you that this person has never been a woman who has to pee while in a climbing harness on a four-person rope team 13,000 feet up a glacier. And … [Read More]