Speaking of Jackets…The Rab Neutrino Pro

Speaking Of Jackets

Black Friday. Those two words, for some, conjure images of waiting for the Big Box stores to open, or prowling downtown streets for sweet deals in the wee hours after midnight, arms overflowing with packages. Because as ladies, we shop, right? For others, the food coma following the big family turkey dinner drags into mid-morning, … [Read More]

Women’s Jackets For Hiking

Women's Hiking Jacket Basics

A great base layer keeps you dry, a great mid layer keeps you warm, and a great jacket protects both from the elements. Once you understand the purpose of each layer, you can layer more strategically and not just pile clothes on when you get cold, then peel them off when you get hot. When … [Read More]

Women’s Parkas

Women's Hiking Parkas

This is the Denali coat, the Arctic coat, the one you couldn’t wear casually around town without roasting from the inside out. I bought mine, the women’s Rab Neutrino Pro, when I started to fall in love with climbing the Cascade volcanoes and needed to be able to tolerate temps near zero and realized that … [Read More]

Hard Shell Jackets For Women

Hard Shell Jackets For Women

Like the soft shell jacket, the hard shell jacket’s job is to keep your base and mid layers dry. But unlike the soft shell, it will do so in the stormiest most violent weather. Snow, wind, and rain are no match for a tough hard shell, and if you often find yourself hiking in winter, … [Read More]

Soft Shell Jackets For Women

Soft Shell Jackets For Women

A soft shell jacket is one of the most versatile items in your layering system, offering warmth, dryness, flexibility, and breathability in most weather situations. Barring anything severe like a torrential downpour or freezing temps, this would be my if-you-could-only-bring-one-jacket jacket. Lighter and less bulkier than a parka, it won’t overheat you; and with wind … [Read More]